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Our award-winning investigators have received awards for their commitment to communities through their law enforcement employment. Our team consists of highly trained investigators with diverse backgrounds, such as law enforcement, forensics, and surveillance. They now bring this high-quality work to the private sector so that you can have a quality investigator. We have a long history of successfully solving cases in Los Angeles. Our experience with the city’s unique layout and culture gives you an advantage over other firms.

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We prioritize client communication and keep you informed throughout the investigation process. We understand the emotional toll investigations can have and provide compassionate support.

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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Need a discreet and skilled investigator to uncover the truth? Don’t just pick a name out of a phone book! Finding the right private investigator (PI) is crucial for a successful investigation. Here’s how we ensure a perfect PI match.


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A free consultation (in person, phone, or video call) where we can discuss your situation in detail.


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Depending on your investigative needs, we will conduct a professional investigation.


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Compile findings from the investigation into a comprehensive report, including evidence and analysis. Offer recommendations based on the findings.

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You feel lost, unsure how to navigate a confusing situation. A private investigator can be your guide, gathering evidence and uncovering the truth to empower you to take action.

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